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Event coming up soon that you want to absolutely glow for? Kicking off some health goals? This is it.

Sort of like a juice cleanse but without the calories or sugar... and designed for intermittent fasting. By giving your digestive system a break you will kick off restorative processes: increased metabolism and rate of fat burn. Any bloat will be long gone. 

  • We like to start our 3 Day Reset on a Wednesday morning and finish up on Friday at 5pm in time for a glass of rosé...(shhh! ) because balance babe. 
  • Our pretty pink tonic was designed to help you keep feeling full while not breaking a fasted state. 
  • Natural ingredients:  collagen peptides, beetroot, Siberian ginseng, green tea, inulin, peppermint, psyllium husk, aloe vera, watercress and organic stevia.

INCLUDES:  3 boxes of Wednesday Cleanse Day (15 sachets total) + Instructions

 PRE-PURCHASE for delivery in early Feb 2021.

While you're sipping away on our pretty pink tonic, feeding your body with goodness and giving your digestive system a break you'll experience some pretty amazing benefits as your body shifts to restorative processes.    

Here's what happens during fasting, backed by science:

  • Your body flips a switch to burn more calories.
  • Human Growth Hormone increases which assists in muscle and bone growth.
  • Your glucagon relaxes which balances blood sugar.
  • Fat burning gets amped up.
  • Your body goes into a process to remove anything unnecessary/dysfunctional from cells, like a spring clean.

Our pretty pink tonic contains collagen peptides, beetroot, siberian ginseng, green tea, inulin, peppermint, psyllium husk, aloe vera, watercress and organic stevia.  Designed to support and elevate a fasted state. 

    It's simple and really only 2.5 days
    • Start on a Wednesday and finish up at 5pm on Friday in time for a light dinner...and maybe even a drink *wink wink*
    • Replace meals and snacks with our yummy pretty pink tonic. 
    • Drink plenty of water throughout the day as well. 
    • If you must have a coffee or tea (we totally get it!) then make it black and just one per day. 
    • If you're hungry we suggest you eat 2 cups of raw or slightly cooked green vegetables, any or every day. 
    • Try to do some other self care activities such as a walk, face mask or bath and try to get to bed each night before 10pm. Except Friday of course. 
    Our delicious pretty pink tonic is all natural and full of amazing ingredients.

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